Husband Doesn’t Support My Career Goals

27 August, 2020
Q I devoted my whole life to my studies. I became a medical graduate with dreams of becoming a consultant. I then got married to a Canadian guy.

After nikkah I realized that my husband is not very supportive and he doesn't want to compromise for my career. Besides that, it's very difficult to get into residency at Canada and near impossible with this little support.

It's been more than a year. I'm struggling with my career. I have lost my inner peace. And the regrets that I should have resisted for this proposal in front of my family don't leave me.

I knew about a difficult career in Canada for doctors but I agreed on my father's continued counseling. I'm afraid I will harm my marriage.

I'm afraid how will I live a life like a failure. I keep comparing myself with my classmates who have started their residencies and keep getting depressed.

I am unable to accept that it's my qadar. All I keep thinking is that I chose this difficult life on my own. I started antidepressants once but left because I was unable to study with medicines. Kindly help me.


As-Salamu Aleikom,

In this video, you will learn about:

– How to make your husband understand your feelings

– How to find a balanced way between your wish and his

– How to overcome your feelings of depression



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