He Loved Me But Refused to Talk to My Parents

15 March, 2018
Q I am a 30-year-old woman. I was a practicing muslimah and was trying very hard to b adhered to the principles of deen. I observe complete hijab covering my face also. I am very punctual with prayers by Allah's grace. I have been trying to stay away from sins. I have never talked with opposite gender unless it was necessary to talk like about work issues. One day, because of some important work, I had to give my contact number to one of the guys I met due to work. My intention was never to have any conversation with him. It was just to seek some help from him related to work, but it turned to be something different. We started chatting. Everyday I repented to Allah to forgive me. We talked 4-5 times during 1,5 years. He had some sinful past also that he told me at the very beginning. So, I was not interested in him. He said her ex-girlfriend left him because she lost interest in him. But eventually, I became interested in him. We rarely talked over the phone. We were mainly chatting. 1,5 years passed. I told him to talk to my parents if he was serious. But he refused. He said we were not talking about anything wrong. I insisted. After a few days, he started ignoring me. Then suddenly, he said he was still in love with that girl and asked me to leave him. He even started blaming me that their relationship went wrong because of me. He says I ruined their relationship. This girl left him because of me. I am astonished and feel bad. He just used me. I repent to Allah every day. How to overcome this situation?


Salam Aleikom,

In this video counseling, you will learn:

– The importance of keeping things halal before marriage

– The work of Satan

– How to move on after a breakup


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