Need To Know About Homeschooling In UK

04 March, 2017
Q As salamu 'alaykum I want to know if there anyone who lives in England and does homeschooling? I need some information, as we might be moving there. I have been home educating my children for five years now and I plan to go on doing it.I would appreciate any help.


As salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I must say one of the best things about raising children is being a child which homeschooling offers the opportunity to do as the teaching-learning process then becomes enjoyable to both parent and child, and the discoveries more valuable especially when the learning process is shaped by the science of all religions – Islam.

However, homeschooling in one environment is not necessarily the same as homeschooling in another area, especially if one environment is less defined by nature than the other. Also an environment that is more defined by modernity has less to offer in the maturation process of a child’s development and is less flexible when it comes to a child’s natural world.

Of course, I am making an assumption here, because it will also depend on where you are going to live in the U.K., but from experience, these are important considerations, the impact of which I myself did not realize until afterwards.  The type of homeschooling is also influenced by the country in which you life, naturally because the resources that are available in one country will differ from another.

With the ups and downs of state education in the U.K., an increasing number of parents are considering homeschooling for different reasons so below is a link that contains  some important information:
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