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Refused to Have Abortion after Zina

Refused to Have Abortion after Zina

In this counseling answer: •I would kindly suggest sister that if you have not already, that you repent to Allah for the zina, get your life together in terms of getting closer to Allah and an having Islamic (life) foundation from which to seek shelter, comfort and mercy in Him. •Please do start going to the Masjid if you are not …

How to Prepare Kids Mentally for Hajj?

How to Prepare Kids Mentally for Hajj?

In this counseling answer: •Your children will have plenty of time to perfect their prayers and to learn good Muslim manners and the religion of Islam. Hajj can be an experience that firmly sets an opening within the heart and soul of your children. •SING! I actually listened to the YouTube song about the 99 names of …

Child's Violent Behavior

My Child's Violent Behavior While in Public

In this counseling answer: •If you are embarrassed by your child’s behavior, and the child knows it and also knows that they can get your attention in this way (even your negative attention is better than no attention), then they will behave badly. •Do not lose your temper •Do not bribe with sweets – your child will learn …

Low Self-Esteem

My Daughter Has Low Self-Esteem, What to Do?

In this counseling answer: •I would kindly suggest removing any media (books,magazines, movies, TV shows) which are geared towards this ideal and increase her low self-esteem. •Get your daughter enrolled in some Islamic classes for children which focus on the beauty of the heart (compassion, kindness, etc), of worship as well as intellectual abilities. •You …

Caught Masturbating

I Caught My Son Masturbating, Please Help!

In this counseling answer: •The approach you take in dealing with your son who is caught masturbating very important right now. I would kindly suggest that you have a heart to heart talk with him. Try not to be accusatory and punitive although it may be hard, as this will only push him away. •You …

non-Musim in-laws

Leaving Children with Non-Muslim In-Laws while Going to Hajj

In this counseling answer: •You can make a visit with your Non-Muslim in-laws a little more relaxing for you by talking with them about Islamic behaviors and etiquette while your kids are there •By re-enforcing Islamic behaviors and practices while you are away, you are planting little seeds of remembrances in their hearts. They can use these …

Hyperactive child

How to Deal With a Hyperactive Child?

In this counseling answer: •The best thing to do for your daughter at this time would be to love and accept her for who she is. •A child at this age should be spending much of her time in movement – walks in nature, exercise, movement of so many kinds. Her learning should be active as well as …

Demands Respect

8-Year-Old Son Demands Respect As Man of The House

In this counseling answer: •Your son demands respect as he needs to feel needed, included, important, and male. He needs to feel that he has an influence and is part of the process. Again, much of this can be accomplished during family meetings. •Eight-year-olds can be in charge of many things, such as a trash …

Explain Hajj

How to Explain Hajj to My Students?

In this counseling answer: •Describe Hajj to your class and explain about the diversity of Muslims around the world who come together and worship and identify reasons Muslims give for undertaking Hajj. •Discuss Hajj by describing exactly how it is performed. •Make a model of the Ka`bah. You can do it with a cubical cardboard …

Parents Disapprove of Marriage

My Parents Disapprove of Marriage, What to Do?

In this counseling answer: •I would kindly suggest brother, that if you and the girl desire to marry that you do so. •I would respectfully and kindly sit with your parents and inform them of your decision. •Use the Qur’an to illustrate how we are to chose our mates. As-salamu alaykum brother, Thank you for …

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