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adopt a child

I'm Afraid of Marriage and Pregnancy Pains, Can I Adopt A Child?

In this counseling answer: •I would urge you to try and think beyond the experiences of your colleagues and remember that there are many positives in marriage also. •The best way to remember the positives in marriage is to go back to the Qur’an andSunnahand remember. Allah describes marriage as the most beautiful thing in …


Rude, Disobedient And Carless Brother

In this counseling answer: •It seems to me that perhaps you should not worry too much about nagging this lad, or trying to make him into a better person; just make sure that you are very supportive of your parents and family and love Hammad anyway. • If he is going to turn out to …

How to Help My Child Stop Being Selfish? - About Islam

How to Help My Child Stop Being Selfish?

In this counseling answer: •Sometimes you have to just take a toy away from your child and give it to its owner, or make your child share—and hear them scream in the process.But, I would hold them in my lap and comfort them—if they will let you. and, if they won’t let you, I would …

Forcing Wear Hijab

My Parents Are Forcing Me to Wear Hijab

In this counseling answer: •Your parents are trying to fulfill their duties and responsibilities to you, which they had allowed to slip. •Wearing hijab puts focuson you as a person, a person with thoughts, opinions, and feelings. Praying 5 times a day helps to set up a challenge, the challenge being that you are more …

dyslexia, boy

How to Help My Child With Dyslexia?

In this counseling answer: •You have to encourage him in a positive and constructive way and not to push or force him. •Have patience when he fails to get a message or learn the words. He will, insha’ Allah, in time. •Do not raise your voice, slap, or call him names. • Let him draw …


My Defective Daughter: Blessing or Punishment?

In this counseling answer: •We all sin in some way or the other and to endure a trial gives us the chance to erase these sins,alhamdulilah. This is surely a sign that Allah loves you, not that He is trying to punish you in anyway, because instead He has given you a means for purification …


My Son Doesn't Respect Me

In this counseling answer: •Talkwithhim about what is bothering him (age appropriate). •Do more listening rather than talking. Spend time with him doing things he finds enjoyable. •Ask about school, how things are going for him as far as friends, gradesandstudies. •Get him involved in Islamic studies for children as well as fun Islamic activities. …


How to Improve My Son's Intelligence?

In this counseling answer: •Regarding your second question, your son is of pre-school age and there is a lot of educational material that suits his age. •Try to get toys that interest his mental abilities and stimulate his urge to learn. This way, he will use the toys to build objects that are more complex …

After My Third Child, I Have No Interest in Sex Anymore - About Islam

After My Third Child, I Have No Interest in Sex Anymore

In this counseling answer: •A mother is always giving, serving, responding to, worrying about… children, husband, shopping for food, etc., She is also human and needs someone to care about her, to serve her needs, respond to her worries, etc. •To recharge your battery means more than just physically. It means emotionally too. So that …

How to Make My Daughter Love Prayer? - About Islam

How to Make My Daughter Love Prayer?

In this counseling answer: •Children learn by example and if youareuseto praying in your room, you may want to pray in a more public part of the home so she can see you praying and pray with you. • You might also want to add some nice bonding time after prayer such as sharing a …

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