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Seeking Attention: How Can I Get Rid of Bad Habits?



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Nov 06, 2018


Assalamualaikum. I'm a 20 years old girl pursing medicine. Whenever I listen to people talking about the girl who is beautiful for example miss of our class, I feel like that to be called beautiful by everyone in the class and gather attention of boys by dressing up well. I wanna become famous by doing something. I want people especially in class to recognize me and talk about me in a good way, and value my words. Basically I'm an introvert. I know all my thoughts of gathering attention are wrong, but how can I overcome this? This problem seems so simple but it's bothering me a lot... please do answer. How can I stop thinking all these non sense? And how could I have a strong bond with Allah? And is that thought of becoming famous wrong? How can I be successful in everything? Is playing sports wrong? Please do answer. Waiting for reply... salaam... jazakallah



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