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Is There A Plan to Kill All Non-Muslims?

11 January, 2017
Q Recently, we saw some videos displaying the chemical experiments, being conducted by al-Qaeda and of course the killing of non-Muslims by ISIS. What do you think they are doing that for? Is it for killing only a section of the world people or to kill all the non-Muslims? I am an Hindu and wanted to know if there really exits in Quran, which supports killing non-Muslims.


This response is from About Islam’s archive and was originally published at an earlier date.

Salam (Peace) Dear Mangsai,

Thank you for contacting About Islam with your questions.

Well, let me wonder first about all the reports regarding the intention of India to use its nuclear arsenal against its neighbors, who are all predominantly Muslims!

Do you think they want to kill a few Muslims or does India intends to kill all Muslims?

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Come on – let us please use some reason here.

First, I doubt very much that al-Qaeda can have any potential for nuclear testing. And even if it does, can anyone claim to be innocent while pointing at any one who wants to join the nuclear club?!!

I know that Hindus, as a nation, do not have in their faith that they should kill Muslims – neither do Muslims worship a God who obliges them to prove their sincerity by killing Hindus or people from any other faith for that matter.

It might be eye-opening to note that the overwhelming majority of those killed by these groups are Muslims themselves, not non-Muslims.

This fact that Muslims are the majority of these extremist groups’ victims points to another important fact. It is a matter of politics, sir! Here we are talking about humans grabbing at power not religion.

This same goes for ISIS, it is politics that drives this group to what they are doing, not religion. It could be that some of them are misguided and have misunderstood religious concepts, but the leadership is politically inclined to smear the image of Islam and destabilize the region.

All you and I can do is call for wisdom, justice, and peace. Then pray that the balance of power becomes more just, that common people will start asking the right questions.

So, please accept my sincere greetings to you, for coming and addressing us. If we try to reach out for reconciliation and freedom, maybe we can help make the world become less violent.

Please continue to visit our website; we have no guns, no weapons, and you are always most welcome.

I hope this helps answer your question.


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