Helping My Non-Muslim Mom Understand Hijab

11 January, 2022
Q My mom is not Muslim and she wants to know more about hijab and why Muslim women wear hijab … etc. She doesn’t read English very well, I have to explain things to her. But watching videos can be interesting and beneficial to her to learn more about this subject. Can you recommend for me some resources and videos to show and explain to her?


Salam Dear Sister,

Thank you so much for this question and for contacting Ask About Islam.

It is very thoughtful of you to explain these issues adequately to your Mom. May Allah help you articulate matters clearly, and may He help her see the wisdom, beauty and peace that is in all the teachings of Islam!

With regards to your question, AboutIslam.net has a lot of resources on the subject and has in fact covered this topic quite extensively.

So, we will recommend here a few resources for you to read and explain to your Mom, hoping this will make matters easy for both of you.

Resources on Hijab

To start with, here are some diverse articles and answers that have been covered on the subject:

Why Do Muslim Women Wear Hijab?

Why Are Women Ordered to Wear Hijab While Men Aren’t?

Hijab Stories: 8 Women Speak Out on Hijab

How Important Is the Hijab?

Additionally, you can find here all articles on hijab on AboutIslam.net.

With regards to the videos, below are some interesting ones by various speakers and from different backgrounds so that your Mom can see the topic from diverse perspectives. Hope this benefits and sends a strong and positive message to her, insha’Allah (God willing).

Why Muslim Women Wear Hijab By Aminah Assilmi

Majede Najar: Why I wear a hijab (TEDx talk)

Boxer Muhammad Ali Responds to why Muslim Women cover up in hijab

Rights of Muslim Women and Their Potential For Impact – Rasha al-Disuqi and Aminah Assilmi (R)

My Hijab – Inspirational True Story

Please don’t hesitate to ask us for more resources or any help, and we hope you read/watch and benefit from the above.


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