Can Watching Movies Impact Iman?

20 March, 2017
Q I don't feel connection during prayer. Does watching movies affect spirituality? I feel like empty inside.


Salam Abduselam,

If you watch movies regularly and the movies obviously don’t boost your spirituality, but rather include inappropriate scenes, language … etc, then this will certainly affect your spirituality and take away your focus in prayer.

Try to cut out the movies because you already know and you noted that it is affecting you negatively. But when you cut out something unlawful, you have to replace it with something lawful so you won’t relapse.

Find halal and pure alternatives to occupy you and fill your time instead of movies.

Try going to the mosque more, attend halaqas (meetings for the study of Islam), surround yourself with good and righteous companions, volunteer in charity work and help the needy …

There are many activities you can do that will make you a helpful and productive individual instead of allowing movies and this virtual world rob you of your life and your youth.

All the halal activities we mentioned will definitely soften your heart and help you better connect with Allah in prayer.

Another tip for having better connection in prayer is to enter into the prayer with the intention of asking Allah desperately for all you need. Think of prayer as the ultimate solution to your problems.

Dua (supplication) is very powerful and dua in sujood (prostration) is the strongest as you’re in the nearest position to Allah Almighty. Seek those moments of sujood as though you seek a treasure because it really is an infinite treasure.

Ask Allah to give you all goodness in this life and the next, and keep you away from harm. Ask Him to help you and soften your heart and rectify your affairs.

Don’t forget that we actually say to Allah in prayer 17 times a day in Surat Al Fatiha throughout the 5 daily prayers:

You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help.  

So bring this ayah (verse) to life! Truly remember that you are standing there in prayer because you are asking Allah for help. Remember that Allah is The One who helps us truly worship Him and facilitates our connection with Him.

So ask Him and ask Him and ask Him. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised us to do the following:

Mu’adh (bin Jabal) (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) held my hand and said, “O Mu’adh, By Allah, I love you and advise you not to miss supplicating after every Salat (prayer) saying: ‘Allahumma a’inni ‘ala dhikrika wa shukrika, wa husni ‘ibadatika,’ (O Allah, help me remember You, expressing gratitude to You and worship You in the best manner)”. [Abu Dawud and An- Nasa’i]

So, remember this always and ask for this after every prayer as the Prophet recommended. Having connection with Allah is not going to come from external sources, it’s going to come by asking Him and begging Him and seeking Him desperately.

That’s why He created us, to help us and guide us and connect with us.

So now, your action plan is to cleanse you eyes, ears, and heart from any impure things you are watching and consuming. Remember Allah says:

{And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart – about all those [one] will be questioned.} ( Qur’an 17: 36)

So cleanse yourself. Replace the impure with halal and pure activities. Seek Allah desperately through the prayer and in sujood. Watch and listen to tafseer of Surat Al Fatiha so you can live its meaning in prayer, and insha’Allah your entire experience will transform for the better.

AlhamduliAllah that Allah guided you to ask so He can help you and show you what you need to do to connect with Him further. This in itself is a major blessing from Allah to you.

Watch this video and this video for answers regarding the spiritual void and consuming movies.

Hope this helps.

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