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Ever Thought about the Consequences of Delaying Your Prayer?

Ever Thought about the Consequences of Delaying Prayer?

The root causes behind delaying Prayer is either due to Satan’s games and tricks that he plays on the believers, or because the believers choose to follow their nafs and inner desires while being fully aware of the cost at which the choice is being made…

Prayer Is Better Than Sleep

Prayer Is Better Than Sleep

When young Muslims meet others for the first time and find out that they are Muslim, often one of the very first questions they ask each other is, “Do you pray?” It’s as if this is their touchstone to see if the person they have met is a real Muslim or not. Calling yourself Muslim …

Bladder Problems: How to Offer Prayers?

How Can I Offer Prayers When I Have a Bladder Problem?

Wa `alaykumAs-SalamuwaRahmatullahiwaBarakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: A Muslim who suffers from incontinence has to wait until the time of thePrayer begins and then starts to remove ritual impurity from his body …

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What Are The 14 Pillars of Prayer?

Short Answer: The scholars teach us that the prayer has 14 pillars that must be completedfor the prayer to be accepted. These include various steps and conditions of the prayer, including intention, focus, following the correct order according to the example of Prophet Muhammad, and more. Peace be upon you dear questioner, Thank you for …


Prayer in Islam: Any Benefits?

Short Answer:Five times a day a Muslim seeks refuge in prayer and his heart finds inner peace.When a Muslim is faced with any difficulty, he resorts to prayer.When a Muslim starts the prayer, he is engaged in an intimate conversation with Allah. _____________________________________ Salam Dear Reader, Thank you very much for your question which shows …

Do You Know the Greatest Pleasure in Paradise?

Do You Know the Greatest Pleasure in Paradise?

In a very beautiful hadith it is narrated that `Ammar ibn Yasir (may Allah be pleased with him) led a group in Salah and he made it short. After he finished, made the after-prayer dhikr, and walked out the masjid. Some people followed him and said, “You led us for a too short prayer. Why …

Muslim Prayer - The Best Spiritual Trainer

Muslim Prayer - The Best Spiritual Trainer

It is this training which makes a man a perfect Muslim. Prayer reminds him of his covenant with God, refreshes his faith in Him, and keeps the belief in the Day of Judgment alive and ever present before his mind’s eye. It makes him follow the Prophet and trains him in the observance of his duties.

4 Tips to Increase Your Love for Prayer

4 Tips to Increase Your Love for Prayer

How can one increase their love for prayer? Unfortunately, a lot of us take prayer as a weight on our shoulders. Therefore, we always want to get it out of way or we are always delaying it. So, how can one build that love to Salah? Here are useful tips bySheikhSuleiman Hani. Source: FaithIQ Also, …

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