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Are Hobbies A Haram Waste of Time for a Muslim?

Short Answer:Not necessarily. It depends on the nature of the hobby, and how much time one spends on it, as well as whether or not it brings one benefit in this life or the next. In general, as long as it’shalal and it’s not taking too much time away from other more important pursuits, it’s …

Ramadan is Around... Time Robbers Are Getting Ready - About Islam

Ramadan is Around... Time Robbers Are Getting Ready

Ramadan comes with a full package of opportunities and spiritual environment that no one can deny: Fasting and patience, iftar parties and the social aspect, taraweeh prayers and Qur’an recitation…etc. All of that are great and they put you (or force you) into the Ramadan zone. However, your battle with your desires and your inner-self …

There Is Time for Everything

There Is Enough Time to Do Everything!

In his well-known book, Al-Hikam(Words of Wisdom), sheikh Ahmad Ibn `Ataa’illah As-Sakandari says: “Postponing good deeds until you have free time is an indication of an immature soul.” In other words, there is nothing called “I do not have time.” The deeds we are talking about such as prayers, remembering God, reflection, all need time. …

Can Watching Movies Impact Iman? - About Islam

Can Watching Movies Impact Iman?

Salam Abduselam, If you watch movies regularly and the movies obviously don’t boost your spirituality, but rather include inappropriate scenes, language … etc, then this will certainly affect your spirituality and take away your focus in prayer. Try to cut out the movies because you already know and you noted that it is affecting you …

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