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Let’s Stop Demonizing Social Media

Let’s Stop Demonizing Social Media

Social media has been one of the most groundbreaking inventions occurring in contemporary times. As one of the major religions on the globe, social media influences have only naturally been inflicted on Islamic cultures. While you are likely reading this on your phone, let’s pause to consider the influence and effects of social media on Muslims in the world of today.

Social networks and media have definitely changed the spread of Islam and the perception of Muslims in the minds of many.” – Suzy Ismail, Professor at Devry University

Social media has gone a long way in strengthening the methods of propagating the message of Islam. Gone were the days when Muslims trekked miles to disseminate the message of Islam in other territories. A single click of the right buttons can spread the message of Allah to nearly every corner in the cosmos. Social media has brought citizens of the world the message of the Qur’an.

In the past, perceptions were being built to demonize the image of the Muslims by portraying the Qur’an as a book which allows barbarism and terrorism to thrive. With the advent of social media, the message of the Qur’an has been brought into good lights, exemplifying its truths and veracity.

The bad with the good

Social Media

As we know, there are bound to be bad effects dwelling to compete with the good attributes. Social media has also added damage to the image of Islam and has had negative influences on Muslims of the contemporary era. Firstly, social media has gone a long way in sharing images and behaviors of indecency. Pornography, nakedness, consumerism, narcissism and other ills are being inflicted on everyone, including Muslims of course. We are not immune to our eyes – the eyes to our fitra-soul – being weakened by these images.

Social media has gone a long in the demonization of Islamic Clerics and Muslims. This is evident in the portrayal of Muslims as “extremists” and “terrorists”. These are all misconceptions about Islam that are due to the media’s prejudice and ignorance mostly because not enough knowledge is ever sought regarding Islam.

But still…

Despite the above mentioned positive and negative effects social media, social media can be used in the best ways and manners. Seeking beneficial knowledge, proper education on the better use of the internet, propagation of the message of Islam are among the numerous ways through which the internet and social media could be well employed. If utilized properly, social media could be “evidence for us and against us” on the day of Qiyãmah in the course of Dawah for the sake of Allah. 

Are you still pausing to ponder before you scroll on?

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