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7 Ways To Mitigate Your Anxiety from Social Media

7 Ways to Mitigate Your Anxiety from Social Media

It’s pretty easy to feel anxiety from social media these days. For anyone with a smartphone, information overload seems to have become the default setting. Apps and websites are competing for your time, attention, and dopamine (the neurotransmitter responsible for making your brain anticipate a potential reward). “Get addicted to us!” They scream. We’re flashy …

Social media impact on self-esteem

This Is How Social Media Impacts Our Self-Esteem

Social media is a constant in our daily lives that impacts our perception of ourselves. Our perception is our reality, even if that reality is skewed and incorrect, it feels real to us. Social media gives us an unrealistic, glorified glimpse into the lives of others. When we compare ourselves socially, professionally and spiritually to …

Social Media Causes Depression!

Social media causes depression. Yes, we may have lots of friends on social media, but we need to put down the phone and go and visit each other. Socialise physically with each other and first and foremost get into the mosques and pray. This Is How Social Media Impacts Our Self-Esteem

Social Network for Islamic Values & Charity Launched

A new social media platform named, Labayk, that describes itself as a “network of moral Islamic values and a respectful online environment” has been launched to encourage users to donate to charitable causes, The Jakarta Post reported. Labayk which means ‘at your service’ in Arabic was developed by a Muslim investment banker called Tanweer Khan …

Let’s Stop Demonizing Social Media

Let’s Stop Demonizing Social Media

Social media has been one of the most groundbreaking inventions occurring in contemporary times. As one of the major religions on the globe, social media influences have only naturally been inflicted on Islamic cultures. While you are likely reading this on your phone, let’s pause to consider the influence and effects of social media on …

After You’ve Seen Devastating Imagery on Social Media

After You’ve Seen Devastating Imagery on Social Media

Avoiding traumatizing and triggering imagery is nearly impossible with our current use of social media, and the internet at large. It’s likely you’ve seen some disturbing imagery and video related to the Christchurch shootings. Without any thought, quite automatically and with just a couple of clicks we can share anything that comes up on our …

9 #Bookstagram Accounts You Must Follow If You Love Books

I was one of those people who refused to join Instagram. What was the point? Did I honestly need another soul sucking, time wasting, social media platform? But, curiosity always wins in my book and I found myself treading carefully into the world of little squares filled with photos. After scrolling through hundreds of selfies …


Love in the Age of Social Media

I remember the first time I heard the popular Malaysian song by a local singer titled ‘Facebook Love’. The lyrics were perhaps catchy for teenagers, but certainly not for a young adult like me. In fact, I was a bit surprised that such a song could be approved and admired by so many. There is …

Social Media Hashtags… Muslims’ Voice in 2018

WASHINGTON – Making their voices heard, Muslims resorted to online activism in 2018, spreading viral hashtags to speak for themselves. The hashtags came either to demand rights, show support for Muslims, or to express themselves. Here follows a list of the most important hashtags that went viral in 2018, as covered by Muslim News section. …

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