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Lev G. Fedyniak, MD began his medical career in alternative medicine, studying acupuncture, herbs and other healing traditions in China, Hong Kong, Canada, Ukraine and other parts of the world. He trained in allopathic medicine to obtain the doctor of medicine degree. Dr. Lev makes his home in Ukraine and continues to study new approaches to treating illness and optimizing health from traditions all over the world.

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Marking the World Health Day (April 7)

Exercising Depression Away

While we all suffer the blues or down days now and then, a prolonged bout or persistent episodes of clinical depression are a whole other issue. Depression is hard not only on the depressed person but on everybody around him or her: family, friends, and even coworkers. As such, it can be one of the …


Metabolic Syndrome X: Disease in Disguise

Metabolic Syndrome X: Disease in Disguise

No, Metabolic Syndrome X is not some illness straight from Star Trek or the X Files, or even some virus from an experiment gone wrong. In fact, you may already have the disease and not even know it! That’s because one out of three adults has succumbed to it in countries with a well-fed population! The …


Adaptogens: Now More Than Ever!

Life, especially in these days and this age, creates stress “to the max.” More and more studies daily point out the negative pathologic consequences of our stress-filled lives. What are some of these stress-related illnesses? Well, let’s start with subjective changes like fatigue, anxiety, sleep-related problems, and various muscular aches and pains. On a more …



Integrative Approach to Osteoporosis

Porous bones. That’s what the word osteoporosis means. We’ve come to associate it with the aged, especially women. Yet, osteoporosis affects men, women, even children, in all age groups. This decrease in bone density leads to bone fragility- they tend to break more easily! Most people believe that bones are static. That, once you physically ‘grow …


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