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The Ugly Face of Power

The Ugly Face of Power

It is healthy to wish to improve one’s status at work and get a promotion and rise. However, when one falls prey to ones’ lusts for power crushing anyone that may stand in the way through lying, bribery or even to the extent of killing co-workers then this is a deadly gluttony for power.

Family - A Divinely Inspired Institution

Family - A Divinely Inspired Institution

Marriage is a social contract: a noble and sacred contract, but a contract nonetheless. It leads to a number of relationships and engenders a set of mutual rights and obligations.


Ten Tips for Better Intimacy Between Spouses

Intimacy between married couples starts slowly and deepens over time with kindness and understanding.  Below are ten tips for a healthy intimate relationship with your spouse. 1. Kiss, kiss, kiss… Kiss. Kiss often. Kiss deeply. Kiss deeply often with passion. Kiss for no reason. Make kissing a routine.  Savor kisses. 2. Look, speak, and touch …

The Big Questions About Your Potential Spouse

Before marriage talk about the big stuff. Do you want children? When do you want them? Where do you want to live? Envisage yourselves long term. The big questions to ask your potential spouse!

The Test of Ease

The Test of Ease

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that if God saved me from that tribulation, I would be anything less than a humble, grateful servant of Him. But the exact opposite has happened.

Should The Wife Serve Her In-Laws? (A Non-Muslim Asks)

One of the questions I received states the following: I am a non-Muslim working in Kuwait for a few years and I have been very close to accepting Islam as I was impressed by a very pious Muslim colleague and wanted to marry him. So, I wanted to learn more about Islam. The man is …

The Valentine's Day Traps of New Muslims

What should they do to overcome these feelings during the time period leading up to and including Valentine’s Day that has engulfed the non-Muslim mindset? How can they attempt a halal relationship that would lead to marriage with a non-Muslim, especially when there are obstacles like Valentine’s Day in their midst?

Mutual Expression of Love Between the Spouses

Mutual Expression of Love Between Spouses

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. Thanks for your question, and we beseech Allah to inculcate love and affection among all married men and women. As a Muslim husband, you should know that women tend to …

Love is in the Air

Love is in the air. Or at least that’s what advertisers want you to think this month. While it’s nice to express your love often, Valentine’s Day comes once a year to give you no choice. And for the owners of floral boutiques and chocolate shops, Feast comes in February…

Wifely Wisdom: Wielding a Wary Way with Words

Choice of words, moderation in appreciation, and giving credit where it is due – these characteristics form the basis of the attitude, actions and words of a God-fearing Muslim wife, who is grateful to her husband no matter who he is, based on her focus of the unique qualities he possesses.

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