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Shaytan Blocks the Consequences of Your Actions

Shaytan blocks the consequences of your actions. He intoxicates you with your sin. You don’t think about the devastation that this sin will cause. Sheikh Omar Suleiman reminds us. Beat Shaytan At His Own Game!

Shaytan Loves To Humiliate Us

Shaytan Loves To Humiliate Us

Shaytan has envy in his heart for us. He loves to humiliate us. He hates seeing people getting closer to Allah. He uses several tricks to try and trap us into doing sins and humiliate us

Beat Shaytan At His Own Game!

When we have addictions or keep committing the same sin over and over again, how can we stop? Beat Shaytan at his own game!

This Is How Shaitan Delays Your Prayer

Shaitan will come to you and say, don’t worry there is still 10 minutes remaining. This can actually make you miss your prayer or delay it. Great reminder.

Starting to Pray

Want to Convert but Stressed About Starting to Pray

Short Answer:  Performing prayer perfectly is improbable as you have not been taught it yet, as you are a newcomer to Islam. So don’t worry and take your time learning. As for praying on time, prayer times are actually periods of time and not moments in time. _____________________________________ Asalamu Alaikum (Peace be with you), Thank …

2 Types Of Guidance

We have been guided by Allah but we have to be careful of being complacent of this guidance. Allah guides us in the Quran but Shaytan is also trying to guide us the wrong way.

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