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Post Ramadan, Shaytan is Out to Get You!

Take care because post Ramadan, Shaytan is released and he is out to get you! You have made so much progress and he doesn’t like it. He will hit you hard.

We all have addictions. We all do things we think we can’t possible do without or stop. However, for 30 days in Ramadan, Allah makes it easy for us to stop. We stop because we are obeying Allah.

As soon as Ramadan is over, Shaytan is going to be more aggressive than he has ever been in the entire year. Once you fall back into his trap and start doing the things you had stopped doing in Ramadan, he will relax and go and find others.

His goal is to ruin any progress you have made in Ramadan. Allah says in the Quran, 2:185, “And Allah does not want difficulty for you” and this is what Shaytan uses to make us go off track. He whispers to us to take the easy road. Every act of disobedience is his invitation to make things easy.

Shaytan tries to convince us that obeying Allah makes things difficult. However, Allah is telling us to finish these 30 days of training because at the end we will be spiritually strong enough to last another 11 months.

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