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I Don’t Know Who I Am & What My Purpose Is

I Don’t Know Who I Am & What My Purpose Is

In this counseling answer: For you to find your skillset, you need to find yourself a passion. You need to practice more gratitude to avoid thoughts of sadness and isolation. It is very important to know why we read the Salah and the Quran. Exercising is the best way to feeling happier and more relaxed. …

Dhikr and Our Journey of Self-Actualization

By incessantly remembering and extoling Allah, man indirectly remembers himself and his weighty life purpose and mission, too, in the process effectively subduing and curbing his ego. By not forgetting Allah, man does not forget himself either.

Life as a Journey of Self-Actualization

When someone in real life embraces Islam and becomes a Muslim, he only comes back to what he had originally been and was always meant to be. He only sets things right again. He rediscovers himself. Thus, we do not say that a person converted to Islam…

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