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16 Clever Tips to Share the Prophet Muhammad's Teachings

16 Clever Tips to Share Prophet Muhammad's Teachings

The goal of dawah is to share knowledge and information about the deen and to invite others towards a better understanding of the religion. This is because the faith of every individual is not determined by our family or our effort in trying…

Love for Allah

Love For Allah Does Not Come Cheap

How to strengthen your love for Allah? This inspiring speech elaborates on the love relationship that develops between Allah the Almighty and His servants. It describes the ways to nurture and this relationship and and illuminates the reciprocal nature of this lofty love. The speech goes further to discuss the love between Muslims and Prophet Muhammad …

The Facilitator- How Prophet Muhammad Chose Ease For His Followers

The Facilitator: How Prophet Muhammad Chose Ease For His Followers

It was the habit of the Prophet to avoid arguments about religious matters. He knew that disputes undermined unity and made religion difficult to act upon. By being brief in speech and more ardent in righteous action, Prophet Muhammad strategized great wisdom. By adopting a minimalistic approach towards speech, he gradually facilitated mankind to submit to Allah, willingly and wholeheartedly.

Wearing a Suit or a Thawb… Which is Closer to Sunnah? (Video)

Wearing a Suit or a Thawb… Which One is Closer to Sunnah?

Is it really a sign of religiosity to wear traditional Arab or Pakistani clothes regardless of the place, occasion and surrounding circumstances? Does it make you a better Muslim to dress in a thawb in the streets of UK or to wear a turban in the US? Is that the correct understanding and application of …

The World He Wished to See - Islam vs. Racism

The World He Wished to See - Islam vs. Racism

To realize the dream of Prophet Muhammad, we have to question our own prejudices and take concrete steps to end discrimination at every level. It’s easy to read, lecture and speak about racial equality, but it’s far harder to implement it in our daily lives.

Two Phases of Qur'an Revelation : What Differences?

Two Phases of Quran Revelation: What Differences?

The growth and development of the Muslim Ummah is marked by two great phases: – The period in Makkah, before the Hijrah (622 CE) – The period in Madinah, after the Hijrah. Naturally the revelation from Allah to guide the Muslims also responded, to some extent, to these particular situations. The Makkan Phase The Makkan …

Prophet Muhammad’s Example of Anti-Racism

Prophet Muhammad’s Example of Anti-Racism

Prophet Muhammad’s anti-racist views are seen in his friendship with Bilal ibn Rabah, a black slave who rose to a leading position within the Muslim community of 7th century Arabia. One story relates how Muhammad defended Bilal after…

Love in the Prophet's Home

A foremost characteristic of life in the home of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was love. Love is the quality most necessary to ensure happiness. When love is present, happiness is assured. The Prophet preferred a life of poverty, which was sometimes close to, if not below, the subsistence level. Yet this …

Ignoring is a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad! Try it

Ignoring is a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad! Try it

From the ways that we can bring our hearts together to feel that sweetness of the honey of life is another prophetic example from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which is at-taghadi, to look over something, to pretend you didn’t see, to ignore what does not please you.

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