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The Prophet's Inexhaustible Patience

The Prophet's Inexhaustible Patience

The source of the Prophet’s courageous determination in the face of all the traumatic experiences he suffered was his strong faith in God and his dependence on Him. The Prophet’s conviction that God was with him when he was struggling with adverse…

When Weak Hadith May Be Cited

When Weak Hadith May Be Cited

What is a weak hadith? Is it OK to quote a weak hadith and to base our worship on it?
What are the different opinions of scholars on this question?

Three Young Companions Empowered by the Prophet (PBUH)

Three Young Companions Empowered by the Prophet (PBUH)

In a time when our young generation has lost their sense of direction and moral compass in life, it is high time that we study the life of the Prophet Muhammad. It is anticipated that by doing this, we will be able to reorient ourselves to that which is healthy and productive for both, our youth, and our world.

Feed, Greet and Pray

In an inspiring connection between our spiritual life and physical life, the Prophet lists praying at night along with feeding the hungry, greeting each other and maintaining family ties. There is something special about praying at night. When we are by ourselves in the quiet moments of the night, it is a powerful time to build our connection with Allah. The spiritual connection with Allah is the reactor that gives us the energy to sustain our relationship with others and our service toward them.

Muhammad: A Man of Charisma

His smiling face was a source of solace and comfort to all those who came to meet him. Not just his words and actions, but the very expressions on his face shed rays of peace and tranquility into the hearts of those who were distressed by the pressures of life, or tormented by the afflictions of the soul.


Learning the Prophet's Kindness and Compassion

“He who has no compassion will receive none.” Making it known that not having compassion is not a strength, and it will also not be shown to those who are bereft of it. If we really think about this, it is a scary premise because there will come a time when we need, desperately need compassion and kindness…

Virgins for Men in Paradise, What about Women? (Video)

Unable to Recite Qur'an Well? It's Not That Bad

He kept trying to recite the Qur’an but he could not read that well. This young man had a sensitive personality; one time he was listening to the radio where small children were reciting the Qur’an; a young boy recited so beautifully that the teacher commented, ‘Subahan Allah, you have a really pure soul …

My Ramadan: Walking in the Prophet's Footsteps

My Ramadan: Walking in the Prophet's Footsteps

You make a decision to read one complete part of the Quran on a daily basis as to complete the entire Quran during the month of Ramadan. You can break the reading by starting after fajr and read on during the day.

Ramadan of the Prophet

4 Things The Prophet Taught in Ramadan

The core of fasting according to the Prophet was one’s willingness not merely to give up self-indulgence, but to feel the need of one’s brother as one’s own. And no one was more kind-hearted and generous than the Messenger of God; and his generosity reached its peak in Ramadan.

Prophet Muhammad - The Defender of Animal Rights

Prophet Muhammad used to prohibit injustice and oppression to animals and was much concerned with this matter. Once he entered a garden belonging to a man from the Ansar. There he found a camel, and when it saw him, it moaned and its eyes shed tears…

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