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Did You Get the Lessons of Ramadan?

As the Holy Month of Ramadan ends, it is now time to reflect on what we have learnt in the last weeks, individually and collectively. Where each and every one of us have been honored students attending the ‘school of profound spirituality’, being inspired by the guidance and the teaching of the One who is ever …

10 Special Offers After Ramadan

10 Special Offers After Ramadan

The month of Ramadan was a chance to taste the sweetness of worship and drawing nearer to Allah. It also broke the psychological barrier between us and many acts of worship that seem difficult in regular days. Ramadan proved that fasting is not that difficult thing even in the scorching heat of the summer. Standing …

after Ramadan

Would You Be Another Person After Ramadan?

Spiritual energy, motivation, and high ambition are very crucial sides of Ramadan for almost every Muslim. Having that strong will to get over our desires and even our very basic needs for the whole month is something we should use and build on to get the maximum benefits of Ramadan. Ramadan is an excellent and …

Lord of Ramadan.. Lord of the Entire Year

Lord of Ramadan.. Lord of the Entire Year

Ramadan is now over. Our eyes shed tears and our hearts ache for the departure of the month of the Qur’an, the month of  mercy, the month of solidarity, the month of forgiveness, the month of freedom from the Fire. However, we should continue doing good deeds after Ramadan since the Lord of Ramadan is …

Ramadan Ends

What Happens Once Ramadan Ends?

Short Answer: Keep the Quran fresh in your heart and mind. Don’t put it aside when Ramadan ends. We need to ponder over the meanings of the Quranic text so that we know what the message of God is for us. We also need to be sure that we’re applying the Book in our daily lives. So make …

Start anew after Ramadan

5 Tips to Continue being A Better You After Ramadan

Eid is the acid test to Ramadan. Whatever happens on Eid, how one behaves, how one arranges his thoughts, is a reflection on how Ramadan had unfolded for him or her. The ripple effect of good deeds vs. bad ones is also a telling sign as to how Ramadan has changed a person.

5 Ways to Keep Ramadan Momentum Alive

Ramadan is almost over, but there are tons of opportunities that you can use to keep the Ramadan spirit. I hope that you will find the following 5 tips handy, especially during the first half of Shawwal (lunar month following Ramadan in the Islamic calendar). This article is based on what is known in behavior …

8 Tips on How to Keep Up the Good Habits after Ramadan

8 Tips on How to Keep Up the Good Habits after Ramadan

Psychologists agree that a person needs about three weeks to develop a good habit. If you’ve been praying regularly, fasting, controlling your temper, trying to be more patient, or keeping any other good habit during Ramadan, you’re almost sure, Insha Allah, to keep up with it afterwards. Nonetheless, we all slip up. As well, the …

3 Ways to Deal with Post-Ramadan Blues

3 Ways to Deal with Post-Ramadan Blues

This Shawwal, let’s not let post-Ramadan blues keep us from celebrating all we accomplished this Ramadan or from seeking forgiveness for our shortcomings. Let’s teach ourselves that being grateful for the details can lead down the road to contentment.

Post Ramadan

How to Maintain the Ramadan Spirit Post Ramadan?

Salam Dear Reader, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. The purpose of Ramadan is to help us gain taqwa. This taqwa is not meant to be practiced in Ramadan only. Ramadan is meant to be a training period that helps us gain taqwa. Subhan-Allah, habits take around 21 days to …

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