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How Can Religious Disagreements be Productive?

How Can Religious Disagreements be Productive?

When discussing religious views, let’s remember that there is a big difference between healthy, productive disagreements and hostile arguments. How do we tackle tough debates on deen? Where do we draw the line? Join Dr. Yasir Qadhi, in this useful talk. More from Dr. Qadhi:

One Qiblah, United Community

One Qiblah, United Community

It was a brand new community, encompassing people from different ethnic groups, social classes, religious and educational backgrounds. They had all reasons to disagree and fight in between themselves, and they did fight before Islam; but they had one main cause to unite for: Allah, the Almighty, and His beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be …

Best Days of the Year: What to Do This Year?

With the current turmoil where I live, the upcoming 10 days of Dhul Hijjah will give me, personally, time to reflect on where I stand at this point and what can be done to improve myself. My willingness to examine my own possible biases is an important step in understanding the roots of stereotypes and prejudice…

Towards Bridging the Salafi-Ashari Divide

In this academic talk, delivered at the American Muslim Jurist Associations’ Annual Meeting in Chicago, US, on Mar 19, 2016, Sheikh  Dr. Yasir Qadhi summarizes an academic paper to a roomful of scholars and activists, encouraging them to overcome the Salafi-Ashari divide of intra-Sunni Islam. The arguments presented are both historical and modern: the Sheikh argues …

How to Maintain the Peace and Unity of Hajj

How to Maintain the Peace and Unity of Hajj?

Reflecting on the meaning of Hajj or pilgrimage, a Muslim realizes that this is about a long journey to the most sacred place, Makkah. Traveling to Hajj is more than just a physical journey, it is also a spiritual one. A pilgrim leaves home in one state of mind and over the course of their …

Time to Stop Arguments and Fights?

Has the time not yet come for us, as Muslims and human beings, to stop arguments and fights? How many arguments and fights do we see in our world today? In a part of a recent Friday speech in Boston, Sheikh Yasir Fahmy strikes the right chord in reminding us of the state of disunity …

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