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Surah Al-Falaq: Seeking Divine Protection from All Evils

Surat Al-Falaq: Divine Protection from All Evils

“…Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.” These are the last two lines from the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge; a matchless masterpiece that has never failed to bring tears to my eyes. These two lines show the speaker’s incapacity to find a fresh drop of water to …

Abra Cadabra

Is Abra Cadabra Real?

Short Answer: First of all one needs to remember that no harm can touch a person until and unless Allah has willed it for him. At the same time one must not forget the seriousness of the matter. Magic can cause severe harm to a person to the extent that a person can even die from …

My Father Has Been Visiting a Witch; What Shall I Do?

My Father Has Been Visiting a Witch; What Shall I Do?

In this counseling answer: • Try speaking to your father and explain to him that it is sinful to go to a person who uses magical methods. Tell him also that relatives will start talking if they find out what he has been up to. Afghani people are very cultural and family orientated, and they take …


Is Witchcraft A Major Sin? Am I Still Muslim?

Short Answer: Yes, it is absolutely a major sin, one of the seven major sins. It shows a lack of trust in God’s ability to help deliver us from our trials. In that way, it’s a form of shirk, or giving partners to Allah. However, committing such acts of witchcraft do not take you out of the …

The Jinn Made Me Do It - A Convert Narrative

The Jinn Made Me Do It - A Convert Narrative

Jeff’s journey to finding the missing piece in his life started, as he says: “When my mom started getting into hoodoo and voodoo, ironically. She was always taking me to one church or another until she got into some really dark stuff. I remember her and my…

Controlled by Jinn: How to Get Rid of It?

Controlled by Jinn: How to Get Rid of It?

Jinn: I have had black magic done on me for some time. I had very bad thoughts, not eating, shivering, fearing people and feeling as if my whole world was upside down.

Save Yourself - Episode 11

Save Yourself - Episode 11

In this episode Mufti Menk talks about the magicians who pronounced their faiths as soon as they realized that Musa was not magic and they could not produce this magic because they knew it was NOT magic. The Pharaoh was very angry of course because he lost face.

The Prophet Telling the Story of the Boy and the King

Among the people who came before you, there was a king who had a sorcerer, and when that sorcerer became old, he said to the king: “I have become old and my time is nearly over, so please send me a boy whom I can teach magic.” So, he sent him a boy…

How Did Black Magic Start? - The Story

Two angels called Harut and Marut came down to the city of Babylon (Iraq) which it is said to be the most ancient city, there was no city before Babylon, the first real civilization was babylon. So we are going back pre Prophet Ibrahim, we’re going back to the earliest of times, way before Moses and Solomon… so Allah is telling us when did magic begin.

How to Protect from Magic and Witchcraft?

The magic spells can be dispelled by the power of the Quran, which has been sent down as a cure and mercy for the believers. To get rid of satanic whispers, black magic, witchcraft, evil-eye etc., a Muslim should be keen to read the authentic supplications particularly Ayat Al-Kursi and Surat Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Naas…

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