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Knowledge - A Treasure More Precious Than Gold

Knowledge - A Treasure More Precious Than Gold

We should consider knowledge as one wholesome entity that will satisfy the needs of our soul, body and inquisitive mind. Useful knowledge increases the remembrance of God. It takes us closer to God. We should use our potential in this direction.

I was Forced to Accept Islam

How I Was Forced to Accept Islam

There were only two choices and one was no choice at all. I could not deny what I had discovered, ignoring it and going on with my life as before, though I did consider it briefly. That left only one option. I knew I had to accept it.

Reason and Revelation in Islam ...

What is the right balance between reason and revelation in Islam? As Muslims, what do we think about reason, and how do we engage with reason? In this Friday speech in Boston, Sheikh Yasir Fahmy addresses the topic of the role of reason in the sphere of knowledge. Many today when they think of religion …

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