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Knowledge – A Treasure More Precious Than Gold

Allah has sent down many commands instructing us to read, observe, contemplate and understand. Man has been given a powerful intellect which he can put to proper use and rise in honor.

God will raise in rank those of you who believe and those who have been given knowledge. (Quran 58:11)

We should consider knowledge as one wholesome entity that will satisfy the needs of our soul, body and inquisitive mind. Useful knowledge increases the remembrance of God. It takes us closer to God. We should use our potential in this direction.

We are very blessed to be born in the era where technology complements our intellect. The tools available today, virtually enhance our hearing and vision. We should understand the nature of this era and adapt ourselves. Ignorance should be left behind and knowledge should be pursued.

We are fortunate to be in societies where good traits like knowledge, hard work, and expertise are respected and rewarded. It will be wise on our part to take full advantage of these blessings.

The Role of the Believer in a Collective Intelligence

The human race is moving towards collective intelligence. Research works are shared and taken forward. Every domain is probed with utmost fervor and the results that emerge are quite stunning.

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There are various forums where these works are explained for the benefit of the common man. People wanting to realize the praise and glory of God should take part in these activities in whatever capacity they can afford.

A lot of effort has gone towards knowledge creation in the past century. Many scientists and experts in various domains have pursued it sincerely out of pure passion. It is important to understand the sacrifices that have been made for the humanity to reach the place where it is now.

People of faith should understand and work with people of knowledge. These two fields need not go in opposite directions. Faith should lead to knowledge and knowledge should lead to stronger faith.

Only those of His servants, who possess knowledge, fear God. (Quran 35:28)

A Treasure More Precious Than Gold

The pursuit of knowledge demands dedication.

If it had been Our will, We could have used these signs to exalt him, but instead he clung to the earth and followed his own desires. He was like a dog that pants whether you chase it away or leave it alone. (Quran 7:176)

Islam does not stop us from desiring wealth or praying for it. But greed will be a distraction. It should be avoided.

Knowledge and intelligence shall be considered the greatest asset in this age. It is a blessing. We should sincerely pray for it and diligently seek it.

Source: Understand Quran

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