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Belgian Striker Romelu Lukaku Has a Story to Inspire You

Belgian Striker Romelu Lukaku Has a Story to Inspire You

A few years back, Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku was broke, had no money to spend or enough food at home. Now, he is dominating headlines after leading his country to the World Cup semi-finals for the first time since 1986, though having now settled for either 3rd or 4th position in this year tournament after they got …

Teacher Gaza

Down Syndrome Teacher Inspires Her Disabled Students

Exceptional personalities are needed to move people and make a memorable mark. Hiba Al Sharfa is one of those exceptional people. Looking at her can give a glimps of her struggles and also her lifelong effort to become a teacher with down syndrome. She is making her mark by teaching students with the same disability …

Mother’s Dedication Inspires 20-Year-Old to Academic Success

Aisha Slaybi was determined that nothing, not bullets, bombs or war, would force her to take her family away from their home in Aleppo until her teenage daughter had graduated from high school. It was May 30, 2014, and in 10 days’ time her daughter, Fatima Alzahraa Alhamam, would have completed eight exams and obtained …

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