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My first desire was to learn Arabic, but my soul awakened when I began to read the Quran.

The Quran Completes What Was Missing in My Faith

My first desire was to learn Arabic, but my soul awakened when I began to read the Quran. Maybe it was better because I began to read it in Arabic directly, while I was consulting a dictionary. I could realize that what the Quran says was the parts that were missing in the Bible…

The reason why the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The coolness of my eyes was placed in my prayer.” is because gave it to him as a gif

The Muslim Prayer - Why Was it First Prescribed in Heaven?

Imam Hassan al-Basri said that:

“Prayer is actually the ascension of the believer.” Meaning if you want to ascend through the heavens the way the Prophet Muhammad did, then you ascend through that prayer. You speak directly to the one who spoke directly to the Prophet and we enjoy our conversations with Him.

Mending the Broken Heart

How Allah Mends Our Broken Hearts

When we are worried thinking about the future, we need to work hard but have full trust in God that He will not leave us, and we must always think well of God because that is what we will find. Yet in certain circumstances we just feel broken…

True and complete peace can only be reached when the individuals themselves achieve internal peace. This results from Islam or the true submission to God alone.

What Really Brings True Happiness?

Knowing God is what can bring about true contentment in the soul. If the individual does not know his Creator, his soul will always be yearning for something that is missing in his life. He will always be agitated and confused…

When negotiation failed to settle the dispute, Constantine called for the first ecumenical council in Church history in order to settle the matter once and for all.

Who Invented the Trinity?

When controversy over the matter of the Trinity blew up in 318 between two churchmen from Alexandria – Arius, the deacon, and Alexander, his bishop – Emperor Constantine stepped into the fray…

This powerful and rhythmic chapter is a reminder to those of us who forget that God is our only refuge.

6 Verses Protect Us from All Sources of Evil

People tend to leave seeking the protection of God until the very last resort. That is not the way God intended. He is saying to us that He is the source of all protection and He is your first and only line of defense. He is the Master, the King and the God of all humankind. Seek your refuge with Him.

Reminding ourselves of the other blessings in our lives helps us to see the test within the context of the grand scheme of things.

Going Through Hardship - Is God Angry With Us?

As long as we begin by recognizing that God is with us and He is close to us, there remains a solution to our inner worries. There are things we need to know in order to develop our relationship with God. Then there are things we need to do in order to maintain that closeness to God.

Today Jesus’ true followers are still fasting according to God’s pure instructions. Muslims are the true followers of Jesus and all of God’s Messengers.

What Jesus Said about Fasting

Since Jesus fasted, his true followers will also fast, if they indeed follow his teachings. He said: “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed” (John 8:31). People had complained to Jesus…

How will we be created anew?

How will we Be Created Anew After we’re Bones and Dust?

How shall we return in the same shapes that we were before death? This question was frequently asked and denied by the disbelievers of old times. {When we have died and become dust and bones, are we indeed to be resurrected? And our forefathers [as well]?}

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