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Allah Hears Your Dua - He is Very Near

Allah Hears Your Dua - He is Very Near

Don’t underestimate the power of dua. It is indeed the ingredient of inner peace. Continue calling. Repeat your dua. Draw a list of your du’a. Keep on saying it again and again throughout the year, say it for two years, three years… You will be ticking off your list as time passes.

Find Out 18 Blessings Of Prayer!

The rewards of the prayer are great in the Hereafter but there are huge blessings of prayer in this life too. Check out these 18 blessings of prayer.

Do You Have a Door? (Story)

Do You Have a Door? (Inspiring Story)

Every one of us, Muslim or non-Muslim, enjoys countless blessings that Almighty Allah has bestowed on all humans. However, many people are not satisfied with these blessings, longing for more. Their big mistake is that they seek what they do not have, completely forgetting or ignoring what they have already got. In other words, they …

Be Grateful... You Just Took Another Breath for Free!

Be Grateful... You Just Took Another Breath for Free!

When my late mother was in hospital during her last days, the bill rung up no less than $1000 a day just to keep her breathing. Now as much as we would have continued to pay every last cent we owned it was an eye opener that little do we realize how lucky we are. …

5 Things Make You Content with Your Life

5 Things Will Make You Content with Your Life

It is in human nature to never be fully satisfied. Instead of living in the present and fully enjoying it, we moan about our problems completely disregarding the countless blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us.

Why a Difficulty Can Be a Blessing

Why a Difficulty Can Be a Blessing

You will never know what ease is all about unless you’ve been through difficulty. Those who have a beautiful life, sometimes they are still worried and depressed because they don’t know what it is like to have suffered a little bit. So, Allah makes us suffer slightly so that we appreciate our ease.

Your Youth Is A Gift – Enjoy it!

Your Youth is A Gift – Enjoy it!

There are so many things we do in our youth that we may not be able to do in the coming years due to physical or mental decline. Though we take it for granted and feel it is a life long ability. This gift of youth must then be acknowledged, cherished and…

The Life of a Miracle Seeker in `Eid Al-Adha

It makes me furious when the word ‘awesome’ is applied to everyday happenings like finding a new box set on Netflix. There is one area though where seeing pleasant things as expansive blessings and miracles do appeal to me: real life. Take this `Eid. My mum lives in an area of London that is home …

How Can We Not Love God?

How Can We Not Love God?

Loving God is the ultimate aim. Having attained the state of true love for Him, each stage that follows it is one of its fruits and a branch from its roots such as longing and contentment.

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