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5 Easy Apps for Learning the Quran to Download

5 Easy Apps for Learning the Quran to Download
This app is a useful tool for those memorizing the Quran on their own.

Studying the Quran has become so easy nowadays that it’s almost a crime not to utilize these opportunities. Here are a few Android apps which are useful aids for students of the Quran.

1- Quran Android

This seems an obvious app. to have. But in fact there are several choices of Quran apps, and I have found this one the best for regular users because it resembles the Uthmani mushaf printed in KSA, having the same number of pages and verses in every page, and completing a juz every 20 or so pages.

2- Learn Quran

Are you ready to learn 50% words of Quran just in 9 hours? With the help of this app, you can. This is all it takes. Are you ready? So, you want to understand the Quran, but you are ‘too busy’? Or you think Quran is difficult to learn? Then this app is perfect for you!

This is the official app for studying the Quranic courses at Understand Quran. You can view all the course materials, review the vocabulary separately, and view how much you’ve learned easily with the progress bar. Check it out!

3- Radio FM

You might be wondering what Radio FM has got to do with learning the Quran. I got the idea from my Hajj travel at KSA. There you can hear the Quran in unexpected places – in the bus or cab, in the hotel lift, at various shops etc. I found out that these Quran recitations weren’t usually coming from any CD or audio files, but the radio. So just download the Android radio app, tune in to Quran 24/7, and enjoy different recitations, by different reciters, from random parts of the Quran, all day long.

4- El-Mohafez

This app is a useful tool for those memorizing the Quran on their own. You just select the portion you’re memorizing and practice along with the app using different tilawat from various reciters. It will even cover the verses while you recite, and later replay your own recitation to you for correcting your mistakes. You can track your progress throughout the Quran very easily and memorize at your own pace.

5- Dictionaries

There are several dictionaries available for Android. Here are some that I’ve found useful:

For Arabic to English:

DU Dictionary by Baidu Inc.: This is a great dictionary that also returns online results. It uses al-Mawrid dictionary and cites plenty of examples of word usage in sentences. It also has a Quran section in it for easy browsing of translations.

Almanac: For serious students of Quranic Arabic, this is the famous Hans Wehr dictionary of modern Arabic at your fingertips. Just type in the root letters, and it will return the scan of the exact page in the dictionary.

For English to Arabic: If you type in whole sentences for it to translate, the Google Translate usually gets boggled and returns very confused results. But it really works great if you give it single words to translate.

Republished from understandquran.com.

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