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Hollywood Celebrities Support Gaza

Hollywood Celebrities Support Gaza

HOLLYWOOD – Reflecting a shift in American public opinion regarding Israel, a growing number of Hollywood celebrities have been voicing support for Gazas, falling prey to relentless Israeli brutal attacks against innocent civilians, Alternet reported.

Messages of support for Palestinian children have been pouring in from Hollywood celebrities after Selena Gomez, a 22-year-old actress and singer who featured in popular movies for kids and TV shows, asked fans to pray for Gaza.

she attracted attention for a starkly different reason: an Instagram post that read: “It’s about humanity. Pray for Gaza.”

Noticing that this has caused a stir among her fans, she followed up on her post with another Instagram post that read: “And of course to be clear, I am not picking any sides. I am praying for peace and humanity for all!”

Jon Stewart is another American celebrity who voiced support to Gaza after the notion that civilians should evacuate Gaza as he was hosted by the “Daily Show”.

“Evacuate to where? Have you f*** seen Gaza? Israel blocked this border, Egypt blocked this border. What, are you supposed to swim for it?” he asked.

Rob Schneider, a movie star and comedian has sent out messages on Twitter deploring the impact that Israel’s assault has had on the civilians in Gaza.

“The ugly inhuman siege of Gaza has had it’s deadliest day today,” he wrote on July 20.

The next day, he said: “To not be outraged at the killing of children is to risk your very soul. #Gaza.”

Rosie O’Donnell, an American comedian, actress and author has also re-tweeted an ABC interview for Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member Hanan Ashrawi.

In the interview, Ashrawi describes the impact of the Israeli ground offensive on Gaza.

“It’s nothing short of a massacre, a deliberate massacre. War crimes committed daily. But now there is a deliberate shelling and bombing and destruction of whole areas, of residential areas,” she said.

Bombing Hospitals

Mia Farrow is another Hollywood actress who posted several message in support of Palestinians in Gaza.

The latest reads, “Ambulances are supposed to be protected in conflict zones but Israel has hit 10 and bombed 2 hospitals.”

The Avenger’s actor Mark Ruffalo has also tweeted several messages in support of Palestine.

He tweeted: “Israel destroys el-Wafa hospital as staff evacuates all patients http://mondoweiss.net/2014/07/hospital-evacuate-patients.html …”

In response to criticism of that post, he doubled-down: “Sorry, I thought blowing up Hospitals was something that all human beings could agree was off limits.”

Meanwhile, John Cusack tweeted this message: “I have been to Israel and Palestine &bombing civilians is not self defense.”

Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity chef, has commented on the Israeli bombing of Gaza beach in which four children from the same family saying, “Maybe it’s the fact that I walked on that beach—and have a small child that makes this photo so devastating. #Gaza.”

One Direction singer Zayn Malik weighed in on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis by declaring his support for one side over the other with the tweet “#FreePalestine.”

Malik’s message received over 150,000 retweets, and has been “favorited” just as many times.

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