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Noor Siddiqui is a 24 year-old student studying Literature and writer based in the small town of Clemmons, North Carolina, United States. She has a passion for the arts, writing, reading, music, and loves to learn new things each and every-single day. During her free-time, she can be found biking, exercising, listening to music and knowing about every information you can possibly think of.

Author Articles

Look up in the sky! They’re Muslim superheroes!

Look up in the Sky! They’re Muslim Superheroes!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the 99, originally created by Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa. These Muslim superheroes highlight universal values, while at the same time, aim to revolutionize Islamic culture. Originally born in Kuwait, after the break of 9/11, Dr. Al-Mutawa, took a leap towards a life-changing idea for the superhero franchise and the Muslim world. Misrepresentation …


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