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Mini-Mosques Encourage Uzbeks to Perform Prayer - About Islam

Mini-Mosques Encourage Uzbeks to Perform Prayer

The Uzbek government announced on Monday its plans to build several new small mosques along roads and streets across the Central Asian country’s capital, to help people perform the daily five prayers.

Uzbekistan Solar Oven Distance

World's 2nd Largest Solar Furnace in Muslim Lands

The solar power is an important source of renewable energy. Its technologies are either passive solar or active solar. In fact, these categories of solar technologies depend on how they capture and distribute solar energy or convert it into solar power. Solar furnacesare one of these solar technologies which use concentrated solar power to produce …


Muslim Algoritmi: World's First Algebraist

Algebra. Even the word is enough to strike terror into the hearts of junior high and high school students the world over – not to mention send shivers of apprehension down the backs of their parents as they start the process of solving for “x” or “y”, and sometimes both.

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