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Kansas Muslims Provide Free Thanksgiving Meals to Poor

TOPEKA – The Islamic Center of Topeka in Kansas اhas teamed up with ‘Let’s Help’ organization to hand out 150 turkeys and Thanksgiving meals for needy families in the state on Saturday, WIBW reported. “The support from the Islamic community makes all the difference for many on Thanksgiving Day,” assured Linda Kehres, executive director of …

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New Muslim: May I Celebrate Thanksgiving With My Family?

Short Answer: Of course you can, and it’s good! Contrary to what some far-flung scholars who have little to no understanding of affairs in America say, Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, but a cultural one, and one in which people in North America, from all faith backgrounds, participate. It’s about keeping family ties strong, enjoying delicious food …

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What If My Family Serves Alcohol at Holiday Dinner?

Short Answer: Try asking the host not to serve alcohol, or to let you know before they do so you can leave beforehand. Suggest hosting Thanksgiving (or whatever family event) at your house. Above all else, be kind and gracious, and remember that just as alcohol is forbidden for a Muslim, so is being rude and …


An Islamic Thanksgiving?

In Islam, thanksgiving is not only a particular religious act or service; it is the whole life. The whole life should be lived in obedience to our Ultimate Benefactor, Allah.

Muslims Give Free Turkey to Kansas Underprivileged

Thanks to a partnership between the Topeka Islamic Center and the non-profit “Let’s Help,” the needy and homeless in Kansas City will have a chance to mark Thanksgiving with a turkey meal provided by their Muslim neighbors.

Bay County Muslims Donate Thanksgiving Meals

Offering the needy a way to survive, the Muslim community in Panama City have boxed Thanksgiving dinners including turkeys and canned goods to underprivileged families in the Bay County.

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