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hungry birds

What Does the Hadith of Hungry Birds Mean? - A Non-Believer Asks

Short Answer:  “Due reliance” in the Hadith can mean two things: One, the spontaneous feeling of complete reliance a person feels towards his Lord and Sustainer. Second, the proper measure of reliance a human as a creation of Allah has to place on Allah. _______________________________________ Salam Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting …

Tawakul Don’t Forget To Rely On Allah

Tawakul - Don't Forget To Rely On Allah

Some people get so obsessed with the actions themselves and forget to rely on Allah. Yes do the action but we must remember it is Allah who will grant us what we need or wish for.

Tawakul - Take Affirmative Action

A part of Tawakul is to take affirmative action even if it is a small action. We learn this when Allah instructed Maryam to shake the date tree when she was alone in the desert.

Keeping Ties with God and Trusting Him

Taking the time out to thank God for His blessings will not only overwhelm us because we will never be able to enumerate them, but will truly help us recognize God’s undeniable presence in our life.

Why Can't We See God?

Salam (Peace) Eartha, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Since time began, many have asked, “Why can’t we see God?” The quest for God has always been at the core of human life. Human beings have always been searching for this Supreme Being that has created them and originated the whole universe. They …

The Triangle of Inner Peace: Shining Examples

I learned from Maryam that amazing things didn’t happen to/for Maryam because she was superhuman. She was as human as you or me. But that Allah provided for her in amazing ways because Maryam devoted herself to being amazingly virtuous.

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