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Struggle and the Path of Abraham

Struggle and the Path of Abraham

The message from Abraham’s life is simple- the love of Allah trumps all other loves- love for his wife, love for a son, love for life (interestingly all halal sources of love). He was willing to keep his wife and son in the middle of a desert, all because Allah asked Him to.

The Prophet's Wise Advice to a Woman- A Story of Patience

The Prophet's Wise Advice to a Woman- A Story of Patience

When the woman, who was in the graveyard, was mourning over. The Prophet Muhammad passed by and he said: “This is a trial and you should be patient.” She said: “You didn’t have the tribulation that I had.” That’s how she answered him…

I Thought Religion was to Control me

I Thought Religion was to Control Me!

The more I pray the more I turn to the Lord, the more I just try to understand how beneficial the religion is. In the Quran, for example, for every struggle you’re going through, there is something in there that relates to it, if you open your heart to relate to it.

Happiness Awaits-the-Patient

Happiness Awaits the Patient

It is when we never face struggles, that we should take a deeper look at ourselves. Do not be angry with Allah for any trials you encounter, because even our trials are a blessing in disguise, and showing ungratefulness can welcome his wrath.

Is Jihad All About Fighting?

Asalamu Alaikum sister, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. We appreciate your intense search in the books of Tafseer (explanation of Quran) to have a better understanding of the Quran. The verse you quoted in the question is translated as follows in one of the contemporary translations which take the modern context into consideration: …

Keeping the Faith Strong in Hard Times

Our faith is tested during these times but not without reward. After all God is with those who are patient and who have complete faith in Him. It is His divine plan and we must succumb to His will. Not only does He know best, He may be giving us a blessing in disguise…

3 Levels of Struggle

Beyond the worldly and not just in the worldly sense but in the otherworldly sense. Islam asks us to make a struggle at the level of the individual… I have to fight my nafs, I have to fight Satan, I have to fight my laziness, I have to fight my anger…

Finding Balance after Shahadah

Finding Balance after Shahadah

As Muslims we have a number of incredible opportunities to take on a number of the incredible challenges… so I’d like to talk to you about 3 or 4 things which we can think about: Each and every one of us has a responsibility to have a relationship with Allah. Nobody can do that for you…

The Test - A True Story

Why Adam is looking for eternity although he saw no death in the garden? Why he was looking for a kingdom though he has everything in the paradise? It seems strange for him to look for something other than the paradise; however, he forgot the warning of Allah that Iblis is an enemy for him?

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