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Is God Bound by Time and Space?

Short Answer: To Allah, all times are the same. To Him, yesterday, today, and tomorrow are basically the same. So no, God is not bound by time or space or any other human construction. He merely uses concepts of time and space to explain things to human beings in terms we will understand. Salam (Peace) …

Did God Appear on Earth?

Did God Appear on Earth?

Salam Dear Ron, Thank you very much for this nice question that reflects your curiosity to gain knowledge about Islam and to understand the words of Allah. Thank you also for your kind and encouraging words. Let’s first agree that in order for us to understand the Quran, we should ask scholars who are specialized …

Morgan Freeman Pays Surprise Visit to London Mosque

Muslim worshippers at Al-Khoei Foundation mosque in London received a surprise visit from Hollywood star Morgan Freeman, who attended the mosque service to learn more about the Ashura festival for a new documentary.

How Can God Be Eternal?

How Can God Be Eternal?

Salam (Peace) Dear Jessica, Thank you for your questions and for contacting Ask About Islam. It is good to see that you are considering embracing Islam as a way of life. I ask Allah the Almighty to guide you and make the decision easy for you. Regarding the eternal nature of God, when you think …

Islam Aims for Peace: Morgan Freeman

Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman has said that Islam aims for peace, adding that reports of Islamic extremism by “a tiny percentage of Muslims” do not reflect the mindset of the majority of Muslims.

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