Islam Aims for Peace: Morgan Freeman

CAIRO – American Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman has said that Islam aims for peace, adding that reports of Islamic extremism by “a tiny percentage of Muslims” do not reflect the mindset of the majority of Muslims.

“Meeting Muslims face to face, I’ve learned that Islam aims for people to live in peace,” Freeman remarked during second episode of National Geographic’s “The Story of God”, NewsBusters reported on Tuesday, April 12.

“But watching the news today, you’d be forgiven for not knowing that. A tiny percentage of Muslims are waging war against the West.”

Freeman comments came as part of Sunday’s episode of National Geographic’s new TV miniseries called “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.”

In the miniseries, Freeman delves into religious history.

The National Geographic miniseries follows Freeman as he travels to 20 cities in seven different countries in a quest to find answers to the mysteries of faith.

April 10 second episode, Apocalypse, had the theme of apocalypse after the first one titled, “Beyond Death.”

In the episode, Freeman set out to “find out why so many religions predict an apocalypse.”

The actor also stated that the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions pay homage to the same God.

“Islam is an Arabic word that means surrender. Submission to God’s will. The same god the Jews and Christians worship,” said the star.