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Those Who Are Best in Deeds

Those Who Are Best in Deeds

The manner in which God extols the value of work exposes the foolishness of two tendencies that are far removed from the truth. The first of these tendencies is to perform works without guidance or insight, deeds carried out in disregard of both Islamic and natural causes.

6 Signs You're Sincere with God- Take the Test!

6 Signs to Know You Are Sincere with God

A sincere person worships God privately in the same manner he worships publicly. Sometimes, he even worships better when in seclusion so that he does his best to please Allah alone. Are one?

Have All Your Sins Forgiven In Ramadan

Have All Your Sins Forgiven In Ramadan

The best opportunity to have all sins forgiven is sincere repentance in Ramadan, even for the major sins. Sheikh Omar Suleiman has this beautiful reminder.

Sincerity Towards The Almighty

I noticed the lack of sincerity in my heart, and I noticed the pride I had developed at being part of this prestigious choir, and I decided to step down. I could not handle the feeling that I was more interested in people believing I was pious than actually being pious.

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