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Raising Yourself from Humanity to Spirituality

Raising Yourself from Humanity to Spirituality

Great souls live with a much wider outlook from a higher altitude of life, much keener awareness, and stronger feelings. They are upright on the straight path, from which they rarely swerve. They are accustomed to soaring high, and rarely fly low.

A Powerful Du’a to Remove Sadness of the Heart

Who doesn’t experience moments of sadness? Who has never battled out with a sin? Who was in a relationship and he struggled to cut out that relationship? Who was financially bankrupt? We are experiencing one or the other. What are the words that we are to say when we are in pain? They are words of humility to Allah. How much Allah loves these words.

How to Tell Your Family You Are Muslim?

I converted in November 2010 and I kept it a secret for three months. I would leave the house in the morning with no hijab and then run around the corner and quickly put it on, because I knew that islamically I must wear the hijab but I also didn’t want to hurt my mom.

I Accepted Islam, I'm No Longer Confused

Affected by a Righteous Neighbor

Once I started studying in the university, I began to really think seriously about my life, its direction and purpose. What was my main objective in life? Why was I on this planet, to do what, to serve whom?

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