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"This May Be My Last Video" - Heartbreaking Messages from Aleppo - About Islam

"This May Be My Last Video" - Heartbreaking Messages from Aleppo

As Syrian government forcesclosed in on the last sliver of rebel-held territory in Aleppo on Monday, trapped residents braced for the worst.Some posted final messages online, saying their possible final farewells amid the rumble of intensifying airstrikes and war planes overhead — the sounds of the Bashar al-Assad regimeclosing in. “I am waiting to die …

7-Year-Old Girl Tweets About Aleppo - About Islam

7-Year-Old Girl Tweets About Aleppo

While many people use social media to share their happy moments and special memories, a Syrian young girl and her mother use Twitter differently. Living in East Aleppo, Bana Alabed, 7 year, and her mom, Fatemah, use their Twitter account to make the world aware of the gruesome situation in the city. The account, launched …


Save Aleppo: A Call for Humanity

A woman’s face and clothes are a deathly white from the dust of a building wrecked by an air strike, save for the stream of blood flowing from her head wound. A father’s loving arms hold a young child tightly as yet another family is shaken to its core by the trauma of Syria’s …

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