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Family of Umm Salamah: Example of Boundless Dedication (Story)

Umm Salamah: Story of an Immigrant Family

Umm Salamah! What an eventful life she had! Her real name was Hind. She was the daughter of one of the notables in the Makhzum clan nicknamed “Zad Ar-Rakib” (which means the provision for the traveler) because he was well known for his generosity, particularly to travelers. Umm Salamah’s husband was `Abdullah ibn `Abdul-Asad and …

The Profitable Sale (Hijrah Story)

This Companion Abandoned Everything for Hijrah

{Of the believers are men who are true to that which they covenanted with Allah. Some of them have paid their vow by death (in battle), and some of them still are waiting; and they have not altered in the least.} (Al-Ahzab 33:23) In these modern times of sophisticated technology, people have a real need …

Hijrah: Thinking Outside the Box

The event of Hijrah highlights two important aspects of the Prophet’s life (peace and blessings be upon him): – His genius planning and visionary thinking. – His trust in Allah Almighty, and his close connection to the Creator. Anywhere in the Prophet’s biography, you cannot but notice these two traits of his character coming in …

Hijrah: Sacrifices of a Great Generation

Hijrah: Sacrifices of a Great Generation

It was the 12th year after the commission of the Prophet’s mission. Muslims had endured tremendous hardship at the hands of Quraish, yet they remained steadfast in their faith. The seeds of belief had firmly taken root in the hearts of the believers, yet the realization of Islam at a societal level was stymied by …

What is Jamarat? The Three Stone Pillars

What is Jamarat? The Three Stone Pillars

These are named so as to explain the strength with which devil tried to persuade Prophet Ibrahim from completing his sacrifice of His beloved son, Prophet Ishmael. Jamarah-al-Oola/Sughra is the place that is at a greater distance from the point of sacrifice…

Two Prophets & a Great Sacrifice

In this speech, Dr. Mohannad Hakeem reflects over Eid Al-Adha and the Sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail (peace and blessings be upon them). Why we should sacrifice following in their footsteps.

The Story of Eid ul Adha - A Special Trial of a Great Man

The Story Behind Eid al Adha - A Special Trial of Abraham

Eid is more than a celebration, it is a reminder. We are reminded of our own submission to the will of God. Those Muslim’s who are not making the pilgrimage and who can afford it sacrifice an animal in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim’s test.

Tips For an Enlightening Eid Al Adha

Tips For an Enlightening Eid Al Adha

There is nothing like a celebration to serve as an “icebreaker” to let loved ones know about your newfound religion. Local mosques can support reverts to Islam by hosting an Eid get-together geared specifically towards new Muslims and their families…

Hajj Guide: How to Perform Hajj (Part 2/3)

Hajj Rituals: What to Do on the Day of `Eid (Day 10)

As mentioned in Part 1, you may leave Muzdalifah after midnight, especially if your family is accompanying you on Hajj. If you are strong and young, you may follow the Prophet’s Sunnah, spending the whole night in Muzdalifah and praying the Fajr Prayer there. After Fajr, the Prophet headed to Al-Mash`ar Al-Haram, supplicated Allah until …

Udhiyah on Behalf of Deceased Parents

Udhiyah on Behalf of Deceased Parents: Will They Get Any Reward?

Wa `alaykum As-Salamu waRahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.  All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: You should offer sacrifice or udhiyah on behalf of deceased parents if they have made will to that effect. Otherwise, it is better to give charity on their behalf …

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