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How Ramadan Helps Us Mend Relationships

How Ramadan Helps Us Mend Relationships

Ramadan is a golden opportunity tomend relationships with others; the social and community aspect of Ramadan is undeniable. In this month we see one another more. We spend time fasting together, breaking our fasts together and praying together. We even have those late-night “second dinners” together. Opportunities So, this is a prime opportunity for us …

What's the Connection between Ramadan and the Quran?

What Makes Ramadan So Special?

The Quran coming down from Allah is compared to rain coming down from the sky. Just like it takes time for crops to grow after rain comes down, it takes time for our hearts to grow, and for Islam to spring in our hearts after the Quran has taken a seat in there.

Sinful Relationship

How to End a Sinful Relationship?

In this counseling answer: “The best thing, to begin with, is to ask for Allah’s forgiveness. Allah loves to forgive and in sha Allah will accept your repentance. The next thing, as difficult as it may sound, is to avoid being in contact with this man alone because as you know yourself you have a …

New Muslim Friendships; Islamic Style - 2 - About Islam

New Muslim Friendships; Islamic Style - 2

If you find yourself slipping into a friendship with someone you’re attracted to, and you find yourself finding excuses to contact them, to have private conversations or meet them alone – even if this is under the pretext of inviting them to Islam or working on an Islamic project – check yourself to see if you are becoming a Khadn.

6 Tips for Making Daily Prayer a Habit - About Islam

6 Tips for Making Daily Prayer a Habit

At the end of the day, tick of which prayers you have successfully completed and which you missed. This will help you develop an understanding for which prayer time you struggle most with, as this can differ from person to person depending on their daily schedules.

Can Wife Refuse Intimacy Without Excuse? - About Islam

Can Wife Refuse Intimacy Without Excuse?

Wa `alaykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. Dear brother, thank you for your question and for your concern about Islam’s teachings regarding your personal and private affairs. As for your …

Cents of a Convert’s Life - About Islam

Cents of a Convert’s Life

Not all great love stories have happy endings. The cultural differences and other highly complex social factors that even now require deep study; were ultimately too much for the two of us to overcome; thus is the will of Allah. After several years of struggle our relationship was no more. It fell victim to cultural bias.

Searching for the Love of the Quran - About Islam

Searching for the Love of the Quran

At once tears started rolling down my cheeks and my heart became saturated with awe and contentment. I felt as though Allah was talking to me directly, instantly answering the calls I just made. It was like He was telling me most tenderly that He knows best everything I was going through…

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