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7 Tips to Build Positive Habits

This video is transcribed by Reading Islam Team.

Tip 1

Think of a new habit. Decide on a specific habit that you’d like to stop, make it specific and measurable such as reading one page of the Quran every morning.

Tip 2

Get clear on your ‘why’. Think of all the benefits of starting this habit. Ensure you have a strong reason because this will motivate you to keep going even when you face challenges.

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Tip 3

Create a trigger. Link you new habit to cue that remind you to take action. For example, the trigger could be Fajr prayer… so that every Fajr you will know that you need to read Quran. Or the trigger could be something in your environment such as leaving the Quran by your bedside table.

Tip 4

Plan for the obstacles. Think of any potential challenges you’re likely to face with the habit and plan in advance how you’ll overcome them if they arise. By thinking ahead, you’ll be less likely to get caught off guard and much more likely to follow through.

Tip 5

Get Support. Find a mental of friends who will encourage you and hold you to account for following through on your habit. You could even ask someone to do the habit with you.

Tip 6

Do it daily for a month. At first, you’ll need to consciously remember to do the habit and use your willpower. By staying disciplined 30 to 40 days, eventually it will become an automatic habit that you won’t even have to think about anymore.

Tip 7

Track your progress. You could use a document to mark your progress or regularly update your mental or support group. Stay away of your progress as this will help you to adjust if you go off track and will motivate you to keep moving towards your goal.

May Allah give me and you the tawfiq to implement these tips.