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Pork-Free or Pork-Based Meningitis Vaccination?

Meningitis is a serious viral and bacterial infectious disease that causes inflammation of the Meninges in the Central Nervous System. Its vaccination is mandatory for all local and international Hajj pilgrims from any country in the world. Some Meningitis vaccinations are pork-free while others use a pig enzyme. There are vaccines that protect against some …

Makkah Divided into 5 Zones for Cleanliness

The city of Makkah and the adjoining holy sites have been divided into five zones to keep all the areas clean during the Hajj season. Makkah Municipality has signed five contracts for this purpose. Makkah Municipality Services deputy municipal official Abdulsalam Mushat said the cleaning work will involve 7,152 supervisors and workers. “The municipality has …

What Is the Meaning of "Yaum Al-Hajj Al-Akbar" in Quran

What Is the Meaning of "Yaum Al-Hajj Al-Akbar" in Quran?

Salam Dear Brother, Thank you for your questions and for contacting Ask About Islam. Initially Al-Hajj Al-Akbar means the major pilgrimage, which is Hajj performed in the month of Zul-Hijjah; while the minor pilgrimage is Umrah that is performed at any other time of the year: Ibn Masood (may Allah be pleased with him) said: …

Why Do Pilgrimage?

Sheikh ‘Alaa answers why do Muslims go to Mecca in the hard, tough weather to make pilgrimage? This is a question many non-Muslims and some Muslims would like to understand more of. Hajj can be confusing. So why must Muslims do it? This video explains it all.

Repeating Hajj Over & Over Again

We must consider the difficulties that presently result from the extreme crowding, on account of which every year many people lose the spiritual meaning and the sacredness of the Pilgrimage in all the shouting, shoving, wrangling, and fighting.

How Hajj Promotes Peace and Unity

How Hajj Promotes Peace and Unity

To the righteous Muslim who has never gone for hajj, the aspiration to embark upon this once-in-a-lifetime journey manifests itself in their psyche as the ultimate “dream come true.” This journey involves repenting for all their past wrongdoings, becoming closer to Allah, turning over a completely new leaf, and resolving to acquire a higher level …

Pondering the Best Deeds of Dhul-Hijjah

Pondering the Best Deeds of Dhul-Hijjah

Many of you may have already read your share of articles about the virtues of the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah, but try to trust me when I say; this one is a little different. The first 10-days of Dhul-Hijjah are noted to be among the special seasons of worship preferred by Allah (SWT) over …

Spiritual Ethics of Hajj

Spiritual Ethics of Hajj

Salam Dear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. In fact, there might be no way of attaining to God, Most High, except by divesting oneself of desires, abstaining from pleasures, confining oneself to necessities and devoting oneself exclusively to Allah, Most High, in every moment and rest. It was for …

How to Maintain the Peace and Unity of Hajj

How to Maintain the Peace and Unity of Hajj?

Reflecting on the meaning of Hajj or pilgrimage, a Muslim realizes that this is about a long journey to the most sacred place, Makkah. Traveling to Hajj is more than just a physical journey, it is also a spiritual one. A pilgrim leaves home in one state of mind and over the course of their …

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