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Female Prophets

Were There Any Female Prophets According to Islam?

Short Answer: A number of renowned scholars have demonstrated that there were female prophets, as there were male prophets; although they did have different opinions about whom to include in their list of female prophets. For example, Imam Al-Qurtubi, in his famous commentary, explained that in principle there is nothing against sending female prophets, similar to sending male …

Asiyah, the Wife of Pharaoh – The Change Maker

Asiyah, Wife of Pharaoh – The Change Maker

A tyrant rises to power, ruling his nation with cruelty and hatred. In one fell swoop, he creates a giant chasm between two segments of society — those whom he belongs to, and those whom he has declared outsiders. For years, he considers himself successful in enforcing his agenda of prejudice and discrimination… until revolution …

The Dua Of Pharaoh's Wife

This dua was said by Pharaoh’s wife when she was being tortured by him. It is a very powerful & beautiful dua. “My Lord build for me near you an house in Paradise.”

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