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Poverty Drives Pakistanis to Suicide

The family of Aliya was happy for the imminent wedding of their 28-year-old daughter, but their happiness turned into a shock over hearing the news that their beloved has committed suicide.

Pakistani wedding

Pakistani Wedding Traditions & Customs

In Pakistani weddings, it is traditionally customary for the couple to receive gifts of cash from attendees and guests. The bride is also gifted formal jewelry by her close relatives.

‘Lollywood’ Dons Hijab

Gaining foothold in the south Asian country, hijab is increasingly being donned by public figures, politicians and Lollywood actresses in Pakistan amid increasing religious trends among the literate women class during the last decade.

Football Hijab Empowers Pakistani Women

KARACHI – Overjoyed with the recent decision to lift hijab ban in football pitches, Pakistani women footballers believe that the “historic” decision will boost the sport in Pakistan, particularly in the rural areas where Hijab is a must. “This is a historic development as it will pave the way for scores of (women) footballers who …

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