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Happiness Is… (Folder)

What makes you really happy in this life? Your big house, career, money, family…? We can find happiness in everything around us but happiness in this world is temporary and quickly passing. In Islam, real happiness is found in bonding with our creator, worshiping Him, and being grateful to Him.

Deserting Sins Is Difficult... Here Are Some Useful Tips

Deserting Sins Is Difficult... Here Are Some Useful Tips

Before we can speak of deserting sins, we need to have a good idea of what we mean by “sins.” From the Islamic point of view, a sin is a conscious and willful act that violates Allah’s rights (i.e. His commandments) or the rights of a fellow being. On the other hand, we cannot consider a …

4 Unnecessary Obstacles to Marriage

4 Unnecessary Obstacles to Marriage

Young women have many hopes and dreams. Among the most important of these dreams focus upon their future husbands, the men who are going to be their partners through the long and arduous journey of life. Some girls want their husbands to be young and handsome.

The Many Facets of Happiness

We are happiest when we are the least inhibited in acknowledging and expressing how we feel. This is the case whether we are in the company of those we know or those we do not know. Expressing our feelings should not carry with it a sense of dread as if we are disclosing the most sensitive of state secrets.

7 Tips to Build Positive Habits

Link you new habit to cue that remind you to take action. For example, the trigger could be Fajr prayer… so that every Fajr you will know that you need to read Quran. Or the trigger could be something in your environment such as leaving the Quran by your bedside table.

Spirituality - The Lost Treasure

What are you collecting really? Things that will eventually wear out or perish, without bringing you any closer to God, Allah Almighty? While taking out charity will give you benefit both in this world (by making your life blessed) and in the hereafter (by increasing your good deeds and hence your status in the hereafter).

5 Obstacles to Happiness

We must learn how to deal with our mistakes so that we do not become vanquished by our sins. We need to constantly and earnestly seek the forgiveness of our Lord. We should know that none of us will find salvation on account of our deeds, but only by the grace of Allah.

5 Ways for New Muslims to Find Inner Peace

When we have a connection with our Lord, we can achieve inner peace. When we ignore our Islamic duties, and that connection is severed, anxiety and chaos are sure to follow suit. Inner peace is a gift from God and can only be achieved in the light of Islam.


Forgiveness as a Way of Life

Ever wonder what life would be like if our family and friends never forgave us for the mistakes we made? Take a moment to reflect on your own life. Think hard about it. What images do you see more often? Do you see yourself apologizing more or waiting for an apology? Now try to forget …

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