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Trump to Address Muslims from Saudi

In a strikingly different approach from his predecessor, Donald Trump will give a speech in Saudi Arabia on combatting the so caller “radical Islam”, in his first abroad as a US President.

4 Amazing People Obama Was Rooting for in His Last Moments

In his last days as the President of America, Barack Obama has named several people to fill key administrative positions in the government.  Many women have been chosen for key roles. Among these 4 persons, there are two  Muslim athletes  who shined in Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games 2016  being the best ambassadors for their faith in …

Muslims in Trump Era (Special Coverage)

Following the presidential elections, a wave of anxiety has hit the Muslim American community as well as other minorities mainly due to rising well documented cases of violence, harassment and hate in light of the election.

Obama Names Ibtihaj Muhammad to Key Admin Role

In his final week in office, President Barack Obama appointed several women athletes to key Administration posts on Tuesday, including Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim athlete to represent the US in the Olympics in hijab.

Islamophobe ended up Muslim

I was an Islamophobe, I Ended up Muslim

I was one of the biggest Islamophobes on the planet. Why? Well, I was born and raised in America. When 9/11 happened, I was 23…. and I had never heard of Islam or even the word Muslim. I was terrified of what happened, and became a Christian because of it… the very next Sunday.

Muslims Urge Obama to End Surveillance Program

Thousands of American Muslims and activists from rights groups marched on Monday, December 12, to the White House in an effort to persuade President Barack Obama to scrap anti-Muslim surveillance program before Donald Trump takes office.

Obama Awards Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with Medal of Freedom

NBA Muslim legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was among the list of 21 esteemed Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients on Tuesday, who was greeted by President Barack Obama at a White House ceremony with a mixture of humor and sincerity.

Republican Muslims Endorse Trump for Change

As the presidential poll approaches, many American Muslims have endorsed Republican candidate, Donald Trump, despite his offensive comments about Muslims, refugees and lately women.

Obama Explains Why Islam, Terrorism Are Not Connected

Facing huge criticism for refusing to use the controversial term “Islamic” terrorism, American President Barack Obama has stressed that terrorist groups are distorting the true essence of Islam, using it as an excuse for their attacks.

Obama, Trudeau Counter Anti-Refugees Rhetoric in UN

In a criticism of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rhetoric, US President Barack Obama warned that turning refugees away simply because they are “Muslim” would only reinforce the terrorists’ propaganda that the US is opposed to Islam.

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