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Interpret Quran Modern

Can The Quran Be Re-Interpreted to Fit Modern Times?

Salam(Peace) Frank, We would like to thank you for your interest in asking About Islam. First, let’s agree that all people are brothers in humanity even if they are from different religious backgrounds. Muslims respect and accept others and they are always ready to cooperate with others to build a healthy and a peaceful community. …

Is Islam Against Modernity?

The Modernity That Islam Wants

The changes that Islam allows revolve around developing certain worldly means, methods, techniques, applications, contexts and milieus with regard to certain secondary and rather practical issues and aspects. That means that Islam must be always rendered…


Modernity and Essential Message of Islam

Short Answer:The word “Islam”is derived from the root “s-l-m”,which means to surrender or submit. This surrender and peaceful submission to Allah Almighty is the way of life that Allah has decreed for mankind.The basic teachings of Islam transcend time, and so, they mean the same in modern times as in ancient times. Can one say: …

Has Modernity Failed?

Has Modernity Failed?

As the especially 19th and early 20th century modernity euphoria started to subside, it became increasingly clear that modernity was not what it initially was meant and expected to be. Modernity was envisaged to become a generator…

How Can Muslim Women Live the Sunnah Today?

How Can Muslim Women Live the Sunnah Today?

Our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was appointed as Allah’s last Messenger to establish Islam on earth as guidance for humankind before the final reckoning.He was the leader of Muslim Ummah; their guide and role model. His actions, both personal and public, were divinely guided, so much so that he became the …

Islam and Modernity – Are They Really Compatible?

Islam and Modernity – Are They Really Compatible?

What could be called Islamic modernism emerged in the middle of the 19th century as a response to European colonialism. Islamic modernism was a movement that aimed to reconcile Islamic faith with some modern values and trends such as democracy, rights, nationalism, rationality, science, equality and progress.

Are New Interpretations of Islam Detestable? - About Islam

Are New Interpretations of Islam Detestable?

Asalamu Alaikum Bethany, Thank you very much for your question. The wordijtihadis derived from the same root asjihad. It stands for individual intellectual effort to arrive at an answer to a question that has no direct answer in the original sources of Islam. It is the opposite oftaqlid(blind following). There were some historical reasons whytaqlidbecame …

Why Do We Need Religion When We Have Science? - About Islam

Why Do We Need Religion When We Have Science?

In the 21st. century, we do we need Religion? In this talk, brother Nouman Ali Khan starts answering this question with a background on the history of religion, with focus on God, the Afterlife and the soul. In post-modern society, there is a shift of focus from God to studying the universe and the material …

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