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Indonesian Hijab Hits New York Runway

Muslim women hijab and abaya have hit New York runway as Indonesian designers kicked off an increasingly diverse fashion week, to counter prejudice in the west.

Islamic Fashion Flourishes in Muslim-Friendly Japan

As Japan prepares for 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Muslim fashion exporters are vying to enter the Japanese market for “modest” clothing, capitalizing on the success of halal products for years in the Asian country.

Hijab Dazzles New York Fashion Week

Models walking on New York fashion week runway in hijab have dazzled attendants at the prestigious annual event, introducing Islamic fashion in a new light and breaking down stereotypes about Muslim women.

Muslim Fashion Takes Brooklyn By Storm

A young American Muslim woman has turned her frustration into inspiration, founding a clothing line for Muslim women struggling to find modest and fashionable outfit.

Hijab Shines at Jakarta First Islamic Fashion Festival

Fashionable modest Islamic designs will hit the catwalk at Jakarta’s first ever Muslim Fashion Festival, stealing the camera lights with designs that designs that blend the traditional Muslim headscarf with haute couture.

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