Kiwi Muslim Launches Modest Fashion Line

NEW ZEALAND – Inspired by her faith, a Kiwi Muslim designer has launched a new line of modest fashion, amid hopes of achieving success and reaching global appeal.

“Fashion is not about skin showing, it’s about style. I want to show the world even covered women can have trendy clothes,” Farheen Hajira told on Wednesday, September 13.

She said modesty was for everyone and her customers were not just Muslims.

“Ultimately it is about how beautiful a design is and the most important thing is how you carry yourself.”

Hajira left her high-flying job as a production manager for one of the country’s top designer brands in July.

“I started work as a sewing machinist and it took me years to prove myself,” she said.

She said she felt something was missing.

“[When] I got a top position and I was like ‘what next? Is this it?’ I had worked hard, but I wanted to do more.

“I knew there was no going back after that,” she added, recalling her resignation.

Inspired by Indonesian designers’ success in New York fashion week, the ambitious designer hopes to have her designs in New Zealand Fashion Week within five years.

“That was my biggest inspiration. I thought this can be done. It gave me confidence.”

Hajira said she had been approached by other companies, but luring her back to the corporate life was near impossible.

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